R. Dennis Antinori
Lotus. Beautiful.
2008 Ardent Red Lotus Elise.
Sexy, Bosom-y Curves.
Keen, Aggressive Styling.

The 2008 Lotus Elise

Continuing the tradition of refined motoring, the Lotus Elise is a sublime, pure sports car that handles and performs like a race car.

In fact, the Elise is quite popular on the track and for auto-cross events. It is known for superb, razor sharp handling and a direct, unbuffered connection with the driver.

It is an amazing car, and a pleasure to own and drive. I love its unique, exotic nature and the mystique that Lotus brings.

Below are links to videos that demonstrate some features of the Lotus Elise.
Lotus Elise Videos
Dean Evans on Track - Great track footage of Motor Magazine reporter Dean Evans overtaking other Lotus cars. Amazing drivers!
Lotus Elise Review - Chris Harris reviews the 2008 Supercharged Lotus Elise.
Everyday Driver Review - Nice shots of Ardent Red Elise. They ask you to watch their newer, updated review. But, don't bother, its no fun.


Ringworld - Flash Animation
The sci-fi author Larry Niven's Universe features a massive structure known as Ringworld. It is truly gigantic and forms a habitable ring around a star.

Extraordinary. The Ringworld structure just made sense. From my first sight of the book cover it has been my favorite mega-structure. In 2004, I used Adobe Flash to make this Ringworld inspired animation.

Experience the real thing, get the book!

Or, Click to View Ringworld!
Ringworld - Interactive Map
The Ringworld animation includes an interactive map, showing info on places visited, or mentioned, in the book.
Some map information might be spoilers, so, you may want to read the book before opening the map.

Marble Sculpture

Using an exacto-knife, I started cutting into an old piece of wood from my yard. It took six months to finish that first whittling, but I was hooked.

A year later I had sold my first wood sculpture in an art gallery. I quickly moved to marble and carved every day for years.

My sculpture sold through several galleries in the south-east.
Cimmerian Male
Lovers Note
Sea of Love
Forestors Bane
NUDES Nudes and Ink.
Top Off
See Ya
Ringworld 3D - Navigate Local Space
The 3D Ringworld animation allows you to navigate local space and get various views of Ringworld, the shadow squares, and their motion. It is not exact, but more to scale, from rim wall to rim wall, than my other Ringworld animation. In the other animation, the distance from wall to wall is twice what it should be. At the time, I thought it looked better. Meaningless, unless you are familiar with Ringworld.

When you visit 3D Ringworld, click anywhere. Then, your arrow keys or WASD keys will control direction of movement and your mouse (left click, move mouse) controls where you look.

3D in Flash is not a perfect thing, nor am I. Since my introduction to Flash, I dreamed of creating an animated Ringworld that could be viewed from any angle, and here it is.

I hope you enjoy it. Click to visit Ringworld 3D!
Birds and Beasts
Life Casting
Yard Art Title
12 ft. Moai Head
A Flower Ring.
Big Bird Bath.
10 ft. Moai Head
5 ft. Moai Head